Large Christmas bookings


The perfect Christmas Event


Bored of the same old Christmas Party? Looking to set yours off with a bang this year? Look no further.. We've got what you're looking for.


We have 3 excitingly themed adventures on offer accommodating 22 players at the same time.

Your party bigger than 22? No problem, we can play over multiple time slots and accommodate everyone.


Hints and tips for the organiser.

Playing the numbers game can be frustrating, changes in group sizes can affect the price per head and the format of how you play the game. If in doubt and to make sure you're not out of pocket, book a couple less players - you can always add on, up to the maximum capacity of the game (you would need to inform if this means changing your game from a standard game (2-6 players) to a Duel game (8-10 players)

Our booking system shows all availability, dates, times and prices. If you're booking more than one game ensure that they are all showing as available before starting the booking process.

When booking multiple games, after selecting your first game, date and time slot you will see an option to "add another booking". A full VAT invoice will be included with your confirmation email after completion of the booking.


Festive slots will go quickly so book early to avoid disappointment!!

You're Adventure awaits!! We look forward to hosting you..