Two words…. Absolutely fantastic!!!! We were a party of four, with no idea what to expect as this was our first ever Escape Room. We managed to escape the final room with one second to go- it doesn’t get any closer than that!!! We walked out of there totally elated, adrenaline pumping, hugging each other and cheering loudly, saying it was the best hour we ever thought possible!!! The games were challenging, incredibly well thought out- we just had a blast!! The guy who greeted us at the beginning and the end of our adventure was also very pleasant and welcoming indeed- thanks! We will be recommending it to everyone I know without doubt!!! Cannot wait to do Mad Scientist now!!! Thank you Adventure Rooms!

We were looking for some fun things to do in Cardiff that were wheelchair accessible and so booked the Adventure Rooms Escape room to suprise a friend. The Mad Scientist in Adventure Rooms was the perfect place for us. Our host was more than accommodating, and she really made our experience the best it could be!

We loved every minute of it and escaped with just 6 minutes to spare! For a bunch of blondies who lack any sort of sense, we really surprised ourselves!

Even when we almost ruined the game by throwing important peices of the puzzle through the locked gate, our host helped us to ensure we didn’t spend the rest of the 50 minutes of the game behind bars!

I really would recommend this experience to everyone! We’ll totally be going back to do the other Escape game, The Black Queen!

My company and I organised team building trips for both the Mad Scientist and Black Queen rooms in duel and solo formats respectively. The staff had such a great time that we immediately organised a further trip, swapping rooms to experience everything. The staff were kind and helpful through planning and on the day. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for a corporate outing or simply with friends.’

Hands down the most fun i’ve had in a long time.

We first visited to complete ‘The Black Queen’ escape game in a group of 5 and despite struggling with the challenge in places, managed to escape the room with 3 minutes to spare. The challenge was enjoyable, stressful, exciting and worrying and encapsulates a number of different problem-solving exercises creating fun for all those involved.

We returned 2 days later to complete ‘The Mad Scientist’ and despite initial concerns that some challenges would be similar, we were completely baffled by the difference between the two. Whilst some challenges show a nod to ‘The Black Queen’, this room offers a completely different form of difficulty and set of tasks to solve. We managed to escape with only 18 seconds left!

The staff are incredibly welcoming, helpful and show an unwavering amount of support to you and your friends throughout your visit and show a great deal of empathy when undertaking the challenges. They show a genuine interest in your experience and it is obvious to see that the venue is run with a great deal of passion and excitement and this creates an incredibly rewarding experience for all.

In all honesty, the only way to get a feel for the experience is to try it. You won’t regret it. When asked ‘How was Adventure Rooms?’ by friends, my answer is simple..

..’Oh my word, you HAVE to try it!’

Incredible fun and we will 100% return again soon!

Thank you all so much.

Mike, Skene, Alex, April, James

As soon as we arrived to take on ‘The Black Queen’ we were made to feel very welcome.
With our valuables locked away, and a few house rules gone through we were shown to our Escape room which was so much fun!

Between the four of us we managed to get through the various puzzles (with a few clues when we were struggling) and escape the Black Queen with around 2 minutes to spare! Would thoroughly recommend and I personally intend to come back to take on the other room!

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I booked an adventure room session for my son’s 12th birthday for him and some friends.

Due to one friend not being able to attend my son asked if I would in with them – I was a bit dubious (this is for kids right?) but I am so glad I did – it was great fun.

From the moment we got there we were made to feel very welcome. The staff clearly set the scene and laid out the rules for us.
Once inside the “room” the puzzles were well put together and logical – the sort of puzzles that make you go “oh, of course thats easy!” after 10 minutes of head scratching.
The escape rooms were very professionally done with excellent props and puzzles.
The kids have a totally different perspective and this leads to a lot of fun for all participants.

We were on the last puzzle when the time ran out- but it didn’t matter we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I would recommend it to anyone


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On Saturday Warren and I met our two friends at Adventure Rooms in Cardiff in an attempt to escape from The Mad Scientist within 60 minutes. Their focus is on family; the chance to celebrate a family member’s birthday, encourage bonding and a great reason to spend time together.

The first time I ever tried an escape room I was actually very nervous, but this time I felt nothing but pure excitement and a smidge of determination. We were welcomed warmly by Keiran and he had us playing all sorts of mini games before we began, to get us warmed up and ready to play! Keiran was so passionate about the company and the games themselves, so it was a real treat to have time to chat to him.

Soon it was time to go in and I can honestly say that the first few minutes of the game we all felt a little helpless! Soon we figured a few things out and we were off! Cracking codes and entering combinations, we worked together (a key element of success according to Keiran and we totally agree!) and this made problem solving so much easier.

We laughed quite a bit, because the game is full of quirky gadgets and interactive puzzles, and I can safely say that with a group of 4 nobody feels left out or useless. The range of clues and puzzles cater for all kinds of people, so it’s not too focused on simply maths or equations, instead there’s a mixture of skills required to escape.

Time flew by for us, and the atmosphere was awesome. We were a really focused team, working together to get to out! So, did we make it out?!

You betcha! We made it out with 13 minutes to spare and we were so happy! We also received NO help during this time, so we were very pleased with our result. We received an awesome certificate with our winning time and team name on it, ‘Morks’.

We had a great time and I love that it’s a family focused friendly activity, so so many of the companies out there don’t offer the family option, but Adventure Rooms encourages it

We cannot wait to take the children down for an Allen Adventure! Watch this space…


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AdventureRooms Cardiff Adventure Log Alison Underwood

I booked this Escape game as a surprise family activity for our twin son’s 13th birthday’s, to get them out of the house and away from electronic devices, What a brilliant decision! We all had great fun and worked together as a family to solve the puzzles, and even though we didn’t get out within the hour we thoroughly enjoyed trying. The staff at Adventure Rooms were fantastic, making us feel extremely welcome and at ease. It got our teenagers talking and communicating…an amazing feat! Everyone’s definitely looking forward to trying to escape the next game when it comes.


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AdventureRooms Cardiff Adventure Log Karl Smith

Had a brilliant time at Adventure Rooms. Didn’t really know what to expect and so was a little nervous as we entered the room but once we got going it was great fun trying to solve everything to escape. And we made it in the nick of time!! Can’t recommend enough. A great night out!

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Leanne Razie, Admiral Insurance team building day at AdventureRooms Cardiff

Admiral Insurance Team Building Day

“We decided to choose Adventure rooms because it is only about 5 mins from Cardiff City Centre, this was ideal venue so we didn’t have to think about transport etc. Five colleagues and myself took part in Adventure games and we all found it to be very enjoyable, We didn’t know what to expect and I think that added to the excitement. Your staff were very friendly and reassuring in terms of “Its a game and if you don’t manage to get all of the problems solved, We will still get you out”

I would highly recommended team building groups and family/friends to try this.

A definite exciting adventure!

Look forward to future new games”

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