Apr 2017

You have to try it!

Hands down the most fun i’ve had in a long time.

We first visited to complete ‘The Black Queen’ escape game in a group of 5 and despite struggling with the challenge in places, managed to escape the room with 3 minutes to spare. The challenge was enjoyable, stressful, exciting and worrying and encapsulates a number of different problem-solving exercises creating fun for all those involved.

We returned 2 days later to complete ‘The Mad Scientist’ and despite initial concerns that some challenges would be similar, we were completely baffled by the difference between the two. Whilst some challenges show a nod to ‘The Black Queen’, this room offers a completely different form of difficulty and set of tasks to solve. We managed to escape with only 18 seconds left!

The staff are incredibly welcoming, helpful and show an unwavering amount of support to you and your friends throughout your visit and show a great deal of empathy when undertaking the challenges. They show a genuine interest in your experience and it is obvious to see that the venue is run with a great deal of passion and excitement and this creates an incredibly rewarding experience for all.

In all honesty, the only way to get a feel for the experience is to try it. You won’t regret it. When asked ‘How was Adventure Rooms?’ by friends, my answer is simple..

..’Oh my word, you HAVE to try it!’

Incredible fun and we will 100% return again soon!

Thank you all so much.

Mike, Skene, Alex, April, James