Oct 2016

“I didn’t know what to expect – but it was brilliant”

I booked an adventure room session for my son’s 12th birthday for him and some friends.

Due to one friend not being able to attend my son asked if I would in with them – I was a bit dubious (this is for kids right?) but I am so glad I did – it was great fun.

From the moment we got there we were made to feel very welcome. The staff clearly set the scene and laid out the rules for us.
Once inside the “room” the puzzles were well put together and logical – the sort of puzzles that make you go “oh, of course thats easy!” after 10 minutes of head scratching.
The escape rooms were very professionally done with excellent props and puzzles.
The kids have a totally different perspective and this leads to a lot of fun for all participants.

We were on the last puzzle when the time ran out- but it didn’t matter we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I would recommend it to anyone


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