Oct 2016

The atmosphere was awesome.

On Saturday Warren and I met our two friends at Adventure Rooms in Cardiff in an attempt to escape from The Mad Scientist within 60 minutes. Their focus is on family; the chance to celebrate a family member’s birthday, encourage bonding and a great reason to spend time together.

The first time I ever tried an escape room I was actually very nervous, but this time I felt nothing but pure excitement and a smidge of determination. We were welcomed warmly by Keiran and he had us playing all sorts of mini games before we began, to get us warmed up and ready to play! Keiran was so passionate about the company and the games themselves, so it was a real treat to have time to chat to him.

Soon it was time to go in and I can honestly say that the first few minutes of the game we all felt a little helpless! Soon we figured a few things out and we were off! Cracking codes and entering combinations, we worked together (a key element of success according to Keiran and we totally agree!) and this made problem solving so much easier.

We laughed quite a bit, because the game is full of quirky gadgets and interactive puzzles, and I can safely say that with a group of 4 nobody feels left out or useless. The range of clues and puzzles cater for all kinds of people, so it’s not too focused on simply maths or equations, instead there’s a mixture of skills required to escape.

Time flew by for us, and the atmosphere was awesome. We were a really focused team, working together to get to out! So, did we make it out?!

You betcha! We made it out with 13 minutes to spare and we were so happy! We also received NO help during this time, so we were very pleased with our result. We received an awesome certificate with our winning time and team name on it, ‘Morks’.

We had a great time and I love that it’s a family focused friendly activity, so so many of the companies out there don’t offer the family option, but Adventure Rooms encourages it

We cannot wait to take the children down for an Allen Adventure! Watch this space…


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