Each event space can typically accommodate 2-6 people in the standard format to 8 - 12 players in the duel format. (10 in Bridgend) The more of you there are, the easier and cheaper it is per person.
The AdventureRooms experience is fun for everyone of all ages. However, players 15 and under must be accompanied in the room by a paying adult over the age of 18. There is nothing within the game that would be inappropriate or scary for children, so we allow people of all ages to play the game. We recommend that children are 15 years of age or older to play without adults in the room, however younger children can still enjoy the game and may play with an adult present.
NO, recording or photography of any type is strictly forbidden. This is to protect the mystery surrounding the game. Any persons breaching this condition will be asked to leave the venue.
There are no small or tight spaces inside our game rooms and we can accommodate several people in one game. While the games are not brightly lit, they are not pitch black, we have had claustrophobic guests in the past and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Participants can leave the game at any time. We hope this helps you in deciding whether to join us or not. Our Black Queen game does use a strobe light for a small part of the game, for further information please contact us at 02921 052888
Yes, all of our Games are fully accessible for wheelchair users, although those with a wider wheelchair should contact AdventureRooms directly to check on suitability.
This game is not physically strenuous, however it does involve light walking, standing, bending and searching. Please wear whatever you feel comfortable completing these activities in. We would recommend flat shoes where possible
AdventureRooms games are live event experiences and as such, once confirmed bookings cannot be cancelled or transferred and are non refundable.
Cardiff - A Duel game can be played in our Mafia game room. This is where the game is played differently to the usual " 6 players - one hour to escape" format. The Duel game is ideal for the larger group, click here for more information For Bridgend our Mad scientist can be palyer up to 10 players in a duel game
We get asked this question a lot. There is absolutely nothing scary about our games. Many people come to us nervous at first because of the unexpected, and they always have a great time!