Yes, a reservation is required to experience AdventureRooms.
The price typically ranges between £16 - £25per person, depending on the group size and event selection. All taxes are included.
No , By making the booking you reserve yourself the time slot. However a change in the number of people can change the price *Look at Prices on our booking page*. As long as the number of players does not exceed the capacity limit for the selected game there is no problem. If the number of players does exceed the capacity of the game then you will need to contact us so that we can advise you on the best way to proceed.
No, AdventureRooms challenges and puzzles require no special skills or knowledge to solve. The use of intuitive logic, deductive reasoning, and "street smarts" is all you will need in order to escape. Having great teammates with diverse skillsets also helps.
AdventureRooms is an exciting recreational and inspirational activity for couples, friends, families, students and co-workers. It is also a unique and fun corporate team-building function or an out-of-the-classroom learning activity for students.
Each event space can typically accommodate 3-6 people in the standard format to 8 - 10/14 players in the duel format.
No. When you reserve your AdventureRooms event, you will have private access to the event space. It will be just you and your teammates vs the game!
Each event lasts approximately 90 minutes and includes a 15 minute introduction, 60 minutes of events space time, and a 15 minute exit walkthrough.
There is nothing within the game that would be inappropriate or scary for children, so we allow people of all ages to play the game, although children under 14 would have to be accompanied by an adult supervisor. We recommend that children are 14 years of age or older to play without adults in the room, however younger children can still enjoy the game and may play with an adult present.
NO, recording or photography of any type is strictly forbidden. This is to protect the mystery surrounding the game. Any persons breaching this condition will be asked to leave the venue.
Yes, our games are non physical.
There are no small or tight spaces inside our game rooms and we can accommodate several people in one game. While the games are not brightly lit, there is some light. We have had claustrophobic guests in the past and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Participants can leave the game at any time. We hope this helps you in deciding whether to join us or not.
Yes, our Mad Scientist and Black Queen games in Cardiff are accessible for wheelchair users, although those with a wider wheelchair should contact AdventureRooms directly to check on suitability. Our MAFIA game is all on one level, however it does have narrow doorways, the narrowest being 23 inches wide. Our Bridgend Mad Scientist game is fully accessible
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your game. Please note, due to time restrictions, groups that arrive late may not be accommodated.
While AdventureRooms is a popular event to do for a birthday celebration, we cannot host parties. We do not have facilities for parties.
This game is not physically strenuous, however it does involve light walking, standing, bending and searching. Please wear whatever you feel comfortable completing these activities in. We would recommend flat shoes where possible
Refund Policy: AdventureRooms games are live event experiences, all confirmed bookings are NON-REFUNDABLE. Rescheduling requires 1 weeks notice in writing.
No, all game are paid in full at the time of booking.
We have Three exciting games in Cardiff. The Mad scientist suitable for 2-12 people and The Black Queen suitable for 2-14 people and our MAFIA game (2-12 people) In Bridgend we have The Mad Scientist game and our Sabotage game is coming soon.
Adventure Rooms are “real life escape games” for groups.  The idea is that the team must solve a variety of puzzles in order to “break free” from a room containing locked doors before a 60 minute countdown reaches zero.  To do so, they have to use skill, cunning and teamwork. This is a fun and challenging game that requires searching for clues, codes, keys and using objects in strange ways.
Mad Scientist This duel format is where two teams go head to head at the same time in two 30 minute rounds. Team A are placed in one room and has to try solve all puzzles and enter the room of Team B. Team B are placed in another room and has to try solve all their puzzles and escape their room. There is a reset after 30 minutes. Both teams switch rooms and continue for another 30 minutes. The first team to escape with the overall best time or most puzzles solved wins. Please note. Total game play in the Duel format is one hour. (Two 30 minute rounds) The Black Queen This duel format consists of two rounds of 30 min each, where both teams compete at the same time, in the same game. There is a half-time break of about 15 min, allow 1 hour 45 mins, which includes a pre-briefing, gameplay and team photos at the end.
Conveniently located at the junction of Newport Road and City road, AdventureRooms Cardiff is only a five minute walk to the City centre and Cardiff’s Queen Street Train station, with excellent bus links. Parking is available in the surrounding area including Pay and Display parking on “The Parade” and “East Grove”.
To view times, prices, availability & booking options, please visit the “book now” page of our website and follow the instructions. Time slots marked in GREEN are available to book.
We suggest booking for one or two less players than expected. Extra players can be added and paid for on the day as long as the maximum capacity of that game/format is not exceeded.
Yes, All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult during the game. For the Duel game the teams are split in two and so an adult MUST be present on each team.
All bookings are NON-REFUNDABLE, this includes a reduction in the number of players.
At AdventureRooms our games start at different times, e.g The Mad Scientist starts on the hour every two hours (10am/12pm/2pm etc) whilst The Black Queen starts every two hours on the half hour (1030am/1230pm/230pm etc) In some circumstances, with enough notice, we can accommodate starting both teams at the same time on a weekday only. If you wish to do this please contact us directly via our contact page.
Our capacity in Cardiff is 36 players divided between our three games. To book for more than 36 players, multiple time slots need to be booked. To book all games, click on “add another item” during the booking process. When booking three games , please check that all games are available before proceeding. Our Bridgend Centre can currently accommodate 12 players, this will increase to 2 player once our Sabotage game is available.
Yes. Please contact us to request an invoice for the full amount or request one on the day of your appointment.
We do not offer the option to provisionally booking. All games must be booked online in order to secure a booking.
Addtional players can be added to a game once the maximum number of players alloted for that game are not exceeded.
The classic format is where a group works together as a team to solve puzzles and escape from a mysterious room within 60 minutes. Only one third of participants manage to escape within the given time. Use logic and lateral thinking to tackle the tasks at hand with the help of obscure and interesting objects to regain freedom.
We require at least 6 hours notice before the start time of your game. For last minute availability please call.
In the interests of offering the best possible service, we request that all guests correspond via email only. This provides the highest level of service to customers who are at AdventureRooms playing their games. This also ensures that all booking details and correspondence are in writing and helps avoid any potential problems. We have compiled an extensive list of most commonly asked questions on this page
We get asked this question a lot. There is absolutely nothing scary about our games. Many people come to us nervous at first because of the unexpected, and they always have a great time!
If you have questions about the game itself that not answered here, it’s probably because we wish to maintain the mystery of the experience – which is part of the fun.   If you still have questions, please send us your inquiry via our contact section.
If your card has been declined it may be due to the post code you are entering. If the post code you are inputting does not match the postcode the card is registered to at the bank it will be declined. This may occur if you have moved recently or have not updated your address at the bank. Often inputting your old post code will resolve this issue.
If your payment has been declined it may show in some accounts as "pending". This means that the payment HAS NOT been made but that your bank has not yet put it back into your bank account. This payment will not be made to Adventurerooms Cardiff. Should this happen your game will not be confirmed and you will receive a cancellation email in one hour. Please contact your bank with any enquiries regarding your pending payment.
Yes, if you have made a booking you can change the date/time of the game as long as you are not within the 1 week cancellation period. All you need to do is look at your confirmation email, within this email there is a link which will take you back into your booking where you can make your changes.
In order to book please click on the "bookings and availability" tab at the top of the home page. You can then select your game, number of players, date and time before paying online for your game.
All games that are currently available will show the game times available in green. If the time slot you are looking for is blank or is showing as booked it is not available.
Our Black Queen game does use a strobe light for a small part of the game, for further information please contact
Please see our Covid -19 Play Safe page for details. As of Monday the 14th September 2020 we will also be stopping our Duel format games, meaning each group can contain a maximum of 6 people from the same extended household group.