We take your team out of the usual working environment and provide an exciting and safe experience that will leave your group feeling closer, challenged and accomplished as a team!



" The staff had such a great time that we immediately organised a further trip.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for a corporate outing." 

Sorenson Media




“Unique, challenging and a lot of fun, this was the perfect team building activity for our office”


Rocket Cardiff



“Problem solving, laughter and excitement, easily the best work do ever, thanks Adventurerooms”







The aim of the game is to find the final key and escape. The final key is hidden deep within the room, behind puzzles, obstacles and locked doors. Step-by-step your team must work together to uncover secret codes, keys and combinations before time runs out.


Standard Format: 2-6 Players
The team will enter together in the first section of the room. The team will have 1 hour on the clock to find the final key.


Duel Format: 8-12 Players (Head to head)
Your group will be split into 2 teams and play 2 x 30-minute halves TEAM A v TEAM B. Team A will start in the first section of the room and Team B in the second. These two teams will then have a 15-minute break at half time before returning to the games in swapped positions, only one team can be victorious.



You wake up in a mysterious room, you don't know how you got there, all you know is you must find a way to escape or you may be his next experiment. You have 60 minutes to get out and the countdown has begun!

You have been captured by the mafia and are being held at their headquarters. The Big Boss has called a meeting to decide on how to “deal with you". Escape seems impossible, but you must try. You have one hour to escape before they return and reveal your fate...

You are trapped in the mansion of a mysterious figure, the “Black Queen”. Each clue you solve will allow you to better understand the Black Queen and bring you a step closer to freedom. You have one hour to make your way through her lair and escape before your time is up....



Creative thinking and effective communication


This is unlike anything your team has faced before. We require a completely new way of thinking which means communication is incredibly important for voicing ideas and implementing actions. Every mind thinks differently, and this is encouraged at Adventure Rooms. There can be a million different ways of approaching a situation, so by working together, your team is likely to find the optimal solution in a fun and exciting environment.