The at Home Experience



I the Mad Scientist have created a secret formula to help people recover lost memories…  But my findings have been leaked and I’ve since realised - its not complete!!… 

The measurements are backwards and instead of remembering I’m slowly forgetting, I see an hour on the clock, did I set that to tell myself how long I have left before I totally forget who I am?


The Mad Scientist needs your help.. work together as a team to help him recover the correct formula, restore his memory and the minds of the population before one by one we all start to forget..

      • This game is played virtually from your home via an internet connection
      • As a team you will guide a live in-room Games Master via voice commands, your Games Master will be your eyes, ears and hands in the game, you will get a live video feed from their perspective, so you will see exactly what they see.
  • £45.00 for 1- 4 connections
  • £55.00 for 5 connections
  • Family friendly experience
  • All games are private bookings


  • All connections/players must have high speed internet, players do not have to be in the same location.  We can accommodate multiple internet connections, so you can play with people in your own house, or with other people around the world! - Maximum 5 connections


  • You will need a computer or smart device with access to Zoom, please download Zoom here in advance


  • Shortly before your game, we will send you instructions via email on how the game will work, how you will play and a link to your online game via Zoom.