What is A Duel Game??


So what is a Duel game?


A Duel game can be played in either our Black Queen or Mafia game rooms. This is where the game is played differently to the usual " 6 players - one hour to escape" format. The Duel game is ideal for the larger group, be it corporate team building, stag/hen parties or childrens birthdays. In the Duel format our Black Queen and Mafia games can accommodate 14 or 12 players respectively.



How exactly does it work?

For a Duel game the larger group would be split into two smaller teams, these two teams will then play in a head to head battle against each other within the same game, although the two teams will not be able to see each other directly within the game they will be able to hear the other team. The game will consist of two rounds of 30 mins each, after the first round both teams have a 10 minute break before swapping positions and re-entering the game for the second half. Allow 1 hour 45 mins in total, which includes a pre-briefing, gameplay and team photos at the end.